• The Automated Mega Tournament System (AMTS) runs seamless esports tournaments.

  • Players are managed through single elimination tournaments ranging from single to multi-bracket.

  • Players can enter and participate in tournaments via their phones, whether playing on console or PC.

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Special Feature: VG Wildcard

If an upcoming bracket in a tournament has an odd number of teams, the losing team with the highest score in the current bracket will be awarded the WildCard and continue in the tournament.

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Special Feature: Solo Entry in Team Games

For individual entry into team games, VG uses TEAMSORT, to create balanced teams and fair matchups in every tournament.

PVP Tournaments

Scheduled Tournaments

Single elimination tournaments that start at a scheduled time. Have a minimum number to start. Scale from 40 to 300 players. Guaranteed & Predetermined prize pool

Sit ‘n Go

Tournament starts when all available player slots are full. Entry field as small as 2 players, and as large as 160.


Players are awarded a bounty for the elimination of competing players. The bounty is paid instantly, and is separate to the tournament’s prize pool.


Players/Teams compete heads-up against other players of a similar w/l record. A minimum number of wins is set for player to complete, to be able to leave the arena with money won.


ST’s offer players the opportunity to compete for entry tickets to tournaments with bigger entry fees and prize pools.

Open Qualifier Tournaments

OQT’s are Designed to handle open calls for entries to Battle Royale tournaments with massive player bases and large cash prize pools. Able to filter a massive numbers of players to get to a final bracket or round.

How they work: Players enter a Level 1 Qualifier Tournament. Only the top 5 players of 100 entrants win tickets to a Level 2 Qualifier Tournament. Players need to get through all levels to be eligible for the money levels. Players can enter level 1 qualifier tournaments as many times as they want.

Bounty Royale

Players win a points bounty for the elimination of opponents. Eliminations with specific weapons and at different stages of a BR round, carry varying bounties. A player’s finishing position and bounty points determine their overall performance in the round.

PVE Tournaments

Top 20

Multi bracket points tournament, where the top 20% of the entry field gets through each round until the final 20 players are left to share the prize pool.